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Laurent Chalet declares being in conformity with the regulation on the patent rights and intellectual. It declares being owner of the reproduction rights of the various components of its media. The use of the site www.laurent-chalet.name could not confer an unspecified right of ownership intellectual or industrial on the files which it presents, these rights remaining the exclusive property of their authors. Thus, all the texts, photographs, vidéos, data, posters, logos, marks, software and other elements reproduced on the site are protected by the royalty, the closed rights and the trademark law as well French as international. Laurent Chalet could not be held reponsible for a use not in conformity with the legislations in use.


The whole of the leading contents of the site www.laurent-chalet.name and the various media of contents (texts, images, movies, photographs, illustration...) and the domain name www.laurent-chalet.name are the exclusive property of Laurent Chalet. The reproduction or representation of any element of this site is strictly prohibited. The non respect of this prohibition will be able to involve civil or penal continuations. It is in particular prohibited to the visitor to partially publish on an Internet site an element coming from the site www.laurent-chalet.name copied and/or modified in any way, entirely or partially, without the express and written permission of Laurent Chalet. One is reminded that are expressly prohibited the creation of a link towards the site through frames, the direct launching of programs (cgi, Java and others) of the Web site www.laurent-chalet.name starting from a distant site, the print on paper without the authorization of the author. In the event of authorization of publication, the legal mentions and/or of copyright will have to be indicated near the element copied.

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We take the greatest care to the selection of the information contained in the site www.laurent-chalet.name, they are however provided in the state, without guarantee of any kind, express or implicit. They do not engage the responsibility of the persons in charge for the site. Although our objective is to disseminate up to date and exact information, we cannot guarantee the result and we will endeavour to correct the errors which will be announced to us. The visitor assumes all the risks rising from the use of the information contained in the site www.laurent-chalet.name or the sites joignables through existing hyperlinks in www.laurent-chalet.name. The information contained in the site www.laurent-chalet.name is given on a purely informative basis and cannot thus be regarded as documents being taken juridically.

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